Our wood-dominated terrazzo tiled restaurant is sure the right place to satisfy your voracious appetite. Naturally ornamented with life plants and flowers, our restaurant consists of 3 sections: the coffee shop on the terrace, the main dining room, and the lounge & grill... a place where you can relax sipping wine and spirits in the bone-chilling air of Berastagi.

Our restaurant offers mouth-watering dishes at down-to-earth fare which appeals to all taste buds. Come and taste our special offerings which consist of wide varieties of cuisine- Chinese, Western, Malaysian and Indonesian dishes. Some of our best offers are:

Steamboat Fresh
meats & vegetables cooked in our home-made tasty gravy. Simply irresistible?

Barbeque Various
seafood and corn on a skewer cooked on opened fire grill. Here guests are allowed hands-on-session by having a do it yourself grilling. Simply fun?

Various Shrimp
Dishes Our top pick? Two-thumbs-up dishes celebrated among guests. Espanol shrimp, a shrimp dish drenched with thousand-island sauce, is our most favored shrimp dish. Sure to twist your tongue?

Fried Banana ala Sinabung Resort Hotel
A deep-fried banana dish _ a hot, crunchy delicacy dipped in or covered with various home-made sauces you can choose from. An eating experience you must share with relatives and colleagues.

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